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Traditional home cooking is about being involved with the actual ingredients from their very beginning.

About Das Sreedharan

Das Sreedharan grew up in a small village near Cochin, Kerala, on the lush, spice-rich south west tip of India. As a boy, he spent much of his free time helping his mother in their vegetable garden and then in the kitchen, turning the plants they'd grown into sumptuous meals and enjoying the ultimate secure and happy, busy childhood.

Das has clear and charismatic abilities in influencing and dissolving the worries of people around him, he developed along his spiritual growth between UK and India.

But also during his innumerable group talks to either customers, friends and team members. He never miss the chance to mention his dreams of sharing his food philosophy stories with a larger audience to ease the pains of the world. Request a meeting with Dr. Das

Rasa Restaurants

Keeping the magic and tradition of cooking alive…

Food is profoundly linked to everything important in life; our health, our sense of wellbeing, to those we love and the very world around us. Surrounded by fast food and junk food and supermarkets, it’s easy to lose the significance of food. It’s just there, available, sometimes nicer than others, easily thrown away if we don’t like it.

But food not only replenishes us, it interprets our world for us. When we feel healthy, nourished and cared for, when what we eat excites us, life is better. We’re actually happier. Instead of stressing about what’s ahead or behind us, we stop to enjoy what’s happening now. Food brings life to us, teaches us to enjoy life.

Food has great power, too. Through food, we can reach out to people and demonstrate their importance in our life. When we make food beautiful, when we give a person something that is a true pleasure to eat, we perform an act of love.

Rasa was born out of the childhood memories of its founder, Das Sreedharan, who helped his mother manage the family vegetable plot, and who herself cooked for Das and his family in their village in Kerala with the utmost love and devotion. “My mother was passionate about the ingredients she would give our family; vegetables had to be fresh, perfectly ripe. She grew her own or bought directly from farmers; then she cooked them to bring out their maximum flavour and health, and served them, with love, to her children,” Das says.

Rasa N16

The firstborn of the Rasa babies, Rasa N16 remains an old favourite for many and has a huge percentage of repeat customers. Small and cosy, it is one of the best known vegetarian restaurants in London and specialises in South Indian food, always maintaining the same very high standards that twice earned it the title Time Out Best Vegetarian Restaurant.

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Rasa N16 Online Reservation

One of our member will contact you within 24 hours of the confirmation. Terms and conditions for larger groups during November and December may differ. At busy times tables will be held for 15 minutes and then released. We make every attempt to handle specific tables or requests. Please Note: A contact telephone number is mandatory for reservations and we cannot confirm the reservation unless this has been supplied.

Please note that this restaurant is cashless, as such, we do not accept cash payments.